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With passion gone, should you go too?

Question :

I have been doing a sales job for more than 10 years, but nowadays I have no passion for it and I feel exhausted. Although my pay package is quite good, I am very unhappy and I would like to change from sales. How can I get other offers in a competitive job market?

Posted by Alanson on Saturday, 20 Sep 2014

Comments :

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing unhappiness in your current position. What you are going through is not uncommon to many and can definitely be addressed. 

First, it is important to identify which part of the job is making you unhappy. Is it the sales nature of your role, or is it the industry? If it is related to  the nature of the role, then consider other sales-related options in the market, such as key account management roles. If it is related to the industry, then a change of sector may well be the solution to your problem. 

Second, while it is important to identify areas of work that make you unhappy, it is equally important to identify what type of roles give you passion. In the process, you should identify what core competencies and skill sets you have that are transferable to other roles. 

Third, the key is to understand that there are no shortcuts in the workforce. Hard work, perseverance and commitment are keys to success in any role. You have invested 10 years in the sales industry; do you really want to get out of it? Or is this an emotional call? Sit down with a fellow seasoned professional, if possible, to see if they can offer any advice.

Lastly, if you are determined to get out of sales and try something completely new, you may consider taking courses to upgrade or equip yourself with skill sets in the areas that you would like to develop. 

However, you will need to keep in mind that you will be starting from the beginning, and may not reach the financial reward that you have received in a sales environment. 

In summary, it is important to find out the root cause for you wanting to leave a sales environment. Having invested 10 years of your life in this type of role, there must be something keeping you in this field of work. 

Is there anything you can change with the current setting to bring your passion back? Or are you willing to take the opportunity cost of learning and picking up a new skill for a role that may yield perhaps more satisfaction but less financial reward? 

The choice is yours. 

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