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Workplace insincerity

Question :

Wow!! It's unbelievable how twofaced some people can be here. On the one hand, they sound as sweet as honey to the boss or some other teams but when out of earshot, it's a complete 180. I feel very uncomfortable as witnessing both Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde leaves me wondering how 'real' they are and what they say when I'm not around. Also, I don't want to viewed the same by association. I know HK can be fast paced but the playing field here seems to be on a totally different plane. Any advice?

Posted by HK Newbie on Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014

Comments :

It's disappointing when you hear such stories that people say one thing, but think something very different and go around saying it to other people in a business. There is nothing new in this and it can be seen in a range of companies around the world. The key is to ensure you carry yourself in a professional way. There are a number of things that you should consider in this situation. The first is make sure you conduct yourself in a way that you can be proud of and that you demonstrate transparency and integrity. In a company, there are a number of factors that you need to consider to determine what you communicate. This will depend on your level in an organisation, the relationship you have with your boss and senior management. You need to determine in each situation what you communicate and ensure that this is done in the appropriate forum if you do decide to share information to management. What is important is not saying one thing to someone and the opposite to a different person. It is interesting how senior management often hear the information back through different people and this does not help that individuals career progression. The second element is your association with the people that are saying different things to different people. If they are of the same level as you, there are two approaches your can take. The first is limit your association with such people and not get involved in their politics. The second option is to ask them why they say one thing to management and then provide a different point of view when management are not around. Explain to them that doing this does not help management nor the business achieve its goals and it is not constructive to the culture. You do need to be very careful how you word such discussions, as you don't want to cause issue for yourself with people at the same level as you. Finally, make sure you conduct yourself in a professional manner, demonstrate integrity and when asked by management for your views, that you deliver your thoughts in a constructive manner and in the appropriate forum.

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