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Youth can key into shortages

Published on Friday, 23 Aug 2013

Information Technology

The prospects for the IT industry are fairly good. IT is already an indispensable resource in today's society and can be applied in many different areas. Many industries need IT resources to help develop business. What's more, people need IT knowledge to develop new products. The industry should indeed enjoy a bright future.

Hong Kong is also an ideal place for the IT industry to develop, because there is a free flow of information in the city. It is an ideal market to develop new products and explore new technology.

The prospects, however, mask a number of hidden worries. The number of students studying IT at university in Hong Kong has dropped drastically in recent years. Worse, secondary school students are not very enthusiastic about studying IT under the new 3+3+4 curriculum. The industry is therefore facing a manpower shortage at entry level. It is also hard to find enough trained people to take over from older experts who are due to retire.

However, whenever there is a difficult situation, there is also an opportunity. With the industry short of manpower, there are many opportunities for young people who are enthusiastic about working in the sector.

Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia Organisation
As told to Chiu Po-sze

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