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Youthful firm set on global hiring

Published on Friday, 08 Jul 2011

Various departments

The leading telecom solutions provider serving about one third of the world's population is looking to spruce up its quality management, corporate social responsibility, knowledge management, and environment and health management departments with new hires from the international arena. All the jobs are based in Shenzhen.

"Huawei is very dynamic with a pool of young talent. Not counting the CEO, the top management is roughly between 30 and 40 years old," says Tiger Lu, the company's chief representative at its Hong Kong office.

"It also offers employees satisfactory remuneration. Huawei is an enterprise with 100 per cent of its shares held by the employees. Most are highly motivated due to the share option system. They share in the success of the company," Lu says.

Huawei has 110,000 employees, roughly half of them engaged in research and development. Employees are expected to respond fast to customer needs, constantly innovate, work in harmony, be socially responsible and follow Huawei's principles which include customer focus, respect, innovation and teamwork.

English has become the working language in overseas branches and those at management level have to learn English to avail of career prospects in the company. New employees have a 10-day induction course and get further training lasting three to six months.


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