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Klaus Heldman

Partner in Heidrick  & Struggles’ Hong Kong office and a member of the consumer markets practice. He also specialises in functional roles including financial officers and supply chain/sourcing officers. 

Is taking a job after a merger worth the risk?

I have been the chief marketing officer for a prominent luxury brand for six years now. Though I am happy in the job, I was recently approached by a foreign retail company to head up the marketing division of its new Hong Kong subsidiary. The pay and benefits, not to mention the challenge, are all appealing, but there is one hitch. The company recently went through a transnational merger and, given the high failure rates of M&As, I am worried that if this goes wrong, my own reputation might suffer. Is it worth the risk?   ...

See your skills from the top down

I have spent over 20 years working my way up the marketing career ladder and now oversee the marketing operations for a mid-size MNC. While I enjoy what I do, I realise I am over halfway through my career and have only ever known my own industry. I feel the need to spread my wings and experience to another side of the business world, though I don’t want to start off again from square one. What sort of positions could I move to where I would retain most of my seniority but get to work in a new sector? I’ve always had an interest in HR and also like the sound of management consulting. Are these natural areas for an experienced marketer to move into? Or should I just be happy with what I have?  ...