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Art of Nature International Company Limited 天趣國際藝術傳播有限公司
天趣國際藝術自2008年成立以來,一直致力於當代藝術的推動與交流。以“藝術與品牌同行,藝術與生活共融”為宗旨,展覽策劃、學術研討、藝術金融、拍賣收藏多措並舉,憑借豐富的專業知識、敏銳的市場把控、良好的品牌信譽、雄厚的社會資源和虔誠的藝術信仰,經過十年的探索和努力,天趣逐步成長為品牌化的專業畫廊。旗下配套設施完善,香港天趣當代藝術館專業展廳面積3000平方尺,配套展廳1800平方尺;福建天趣當代藝術館展廳面積10000平方尺;福建天趣藝術收藏館面積15000平方尺。常年舉辦藝術展覽與各項文化類活動。以傳播中華文化藝術,促進中國和香港本土藝術發展,推動中外文化藝術學術交流為己任,天趣將持續提供優質的文化產品和文化服務,挖掘藝術家、嚴選藝術品、推廣當代藝術,實現“藝術讓生活更美好”。 Since its establishment in 2008, Art of Nature International has committed to the promotion and exchange of contemporary art. With the goal "merging of art and brand, integration of art and life", Art of Nature has organized various exhibitions and academic seminars, auctions and collection. With professional knowledge, a keen eye on art market, well branding reputation, strong social resources and devout beliefs in art, Art of Nature has gradually developed into a branded professional gallery after ten years of exploration and hard work. The supporting facilities are comprehensive and well qualified. Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery in Hong Kong covers an area of 3,000 square feet and supporting exhibition space is 1,800 square feet. The exhibition space of the Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery in Fujian covers an area of 10,000 square feetand the Art of Nature Collection has an area of 15,000 square feet . Art exhibitions and cultural events are held throughout the years. To promote the Chinese art and culture, the development of local art in China and Hong Kong and the academic exchanges between Chinese and foreign art and culture, Art of Nature will continue to provide distinct cultural products and services, explore outstanding artists, select unique art works and promote contemporary art. Hence to achieve, “Art makes a better life”.
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Others Entry -- 3 Associate Degree Full Time Tsuen Wan 18/11/2018
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