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http://www.flykingtech.com 新汉科技有限公司创立于2010年,是一家集电子元器件代理、 分销,方案设计开发等为主营业务的一站式电子元器件服务商。 总部设立于深圳,拥有香港、 上海、 苏州、东莞、厦门五个办事处,120余名员工,公司发展迅速,依托本身方案开发和技术实力,形成具有更强生命力的集混合分销、 一站式配套供应于一体的双模作业能力, 新汉科技通过与电子行业发达的四大洲30余个国家和地区的3000余家供应商紧密合作,掌握全球10亿美金以上的库存资源, 帮助客户实现与全球货源精准对接。 新汉科技已取得ISO9001质量管理体系认证,品质管控流程符合国际标准,同时与国家级电子实验室CECC战略合作,以产品“零缺陷”赢得客户信赖。新汉科技应用智能化仓储管理系统,对仓储环境进行有效控制,提升仓储运营效率,确保产品全程可追溯,打造系统化、信息化、仓储现代化为一体的物流体系。 新汉科技以“服务至上,客户为先;成就价值,至专至精”的企业精神提供专业服务,以“以人为本,任人唯贤;公开公正,和谐舒畅” 的人才理念打造精英团队。 奋斗、拼搏、专注、创新!新汉人不忘初心,勇于革新,始终坚持以客户需求为导向,专注于缩短客户新产品研发周期,加快客户成品交付效率,提高客户库存周转率,降低客户违约风险和意外成本,为客户的供应链管理保驾护航。 Flyking Technology Co., Ltd established in 2010, is the one-stop electronic component service provider of electronic components, distribution, design and development, etc. Flyking technology headquartered in Shenzhen, and owns four representative offices located in Hongkong, Shanghai, Suzhou, Xiamen and Dongguan. We have more than 120 employees. Our customers come from the world top ranking 100 EMS/OEM/ODM manufacturers.  Flyking technology has been in the electronic components industry for many years, relying on its own program development and technical strength, it enhances her expansion in the field of business scope distributors and has supplied agent service for nearly twenty well-known products. We have close cooperation with over 3000 suppliers from more than 30 countries located in 4 Regions with developed IC industry, Intelligent warehouse management system has been applied to efficiently control warehouse conditions improve warehouse operations efficiency, making sure the whole process is traceable. building a logistics and warehouse system which is more informationalized, systematized and modernized. FLyking Technology provides professional services with the corporate spirit of‘Service Paramountcy and Customer First, Achievement Value and Pursuit Profession. builds elite team with the talent policy of ‘People Oriented and Merit-based Selection,Open & Transparent and Harmony & Comfort`. Flyking people remain true to our original aspiration, strive to innovate, always set customers` demand as our mission guide, dedicate ourselves to shortening new product research and development period for our customers, enable them to introduce completed products in a shorter period of time, improve our customers’ inventory turnover rate, bring down their risks of contract breach and other extra costs caused by unexpected incidences,safeguard the smooth running of our customers` supply chain management.
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Manufacturing - Electronics / Electrical Entry -- -- Below F.5 Full Time Shatin 22/06/2019
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