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Hazel & Hershey Coffee Roasters
Hazel & Hershey Coffee Roasters and Coffee Camps are the two operating legs of Wealth Click Limited. The coffee kingdom started off in 2011 as distributor of coffee related tools and brewing machines in a factory premises named after the birth of Hershey, the founder's second daughter.The first cafe outlet was set up at a prime area in Soho area @ 69 Peel Street, where we brew, sell and host customers in the name of Hazel & Hershey, a trading name which incorporated the names of the Founder's two daughters.The name of the Founder's son, Hercules was also used for establishing Hercules' Coffee Lab in the Soho's neighborhood near PMQ at Chung Wo Lane, where we started our first coffee roastery locally turning raw coffee beans imported from different parts of the world into ready grind and brew coffee beans. A variety of coffee related trainings were taught at Hercules' Coffee Lab, from leisure classes to professional accreditation to the Specialty Coffee Association (Former SCAA & SCAE) being the world's leading professional organisation promoting excellence in quality coffee.The Founder subsequently integrated the operations of Hercules' Coffee Lab to form a single brand in the name of Hazel & Hershey Coffee Roasters in 2016. As the business model continues to evolve and so as the Founder's family, which has grown to six since the arrival of his fourth daughter, more development is expected to come about in the coming and many years ahead!
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Food & Beverage (Catering) Entry -- -- Not applicable Full Time Central 22/01/2020

Food & Beverage (Catering) Middle -- -- -- Full Time Kwai Chung 22/01/2020

Food & Beverage (Catering) Middle -- -- -- Full Time Kwai Chung 08/01/2020

Food & Beverage (Catering) Entry -- -- Not applicable Full Time Central 08/01/2020

Food & Beverage (Catering) Middle -- -- -- Full Time Central 08/01/2020
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