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This Christian based counseling training institute is established to train the Christian population to Peer Counselors and Professional Counselors. Recently, the economy downturn and social problems in Hong Kong has led to many family tragedies, such as family dispute, family breakup, divorce. These, in consequence, have created family violence, teenage violence in schools, etc. and brought attention to the local society. As our society is getting complicated, people are bearing extraordinary pressure. The number continues to mount for the following categories: depression, anxiety, phobia, schizophrenia, suicide. Christians are among those who suffer, and so are our friends, family members, neighbors. Moreover, the SARS outbreak last year clouded Hong Kong with a depressed atmosphere. Thus the local churches assume the responsibility to take care of their neighborhood and serve those with needs. In response to the needs of the society, Hong Kong churches, seminaries, Christian organizations are paying huge effort to meet the demand but the demand remains large. There are way too few Christian psychologists and counseling professionals to handle a population of roughly 7 million people. Among some three hundred thousand Christians in some 1200 churches, the numbers of Christians who get trained in Christian counseling are even much smaller. However, we do believe that Christians could be a helping hand to their neighbors, colleagues, family members, relatives and friends if they are trained practically in counseling based on the principles from the Bible. This is not only a good way not only to testify God, but also improving our society as a whole. Hong Kong Institute of Christian Counselors was founded to meet the needs of our own society. Our purpose is to train a large number of Christians to become effective counselors based on the integration. Biblical values, pastoral sensitivity with spiritual passion and counseling psychology. We also hope that this will provide churches with more leaders that possess counseling knowledge and skills. The above mentioned does not sound like a mission of any Christian educational institution, instead it is our burden and responsibility to our society. We are calling all Christians to respond; to care, give encouragement and blessing. We are pleased to support you to become an effective Christian counselor so as to glorify God.
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Charity / NGO / Non-Profit Org / Social Services Entry -- 1 F.5 - F.7 or DSE Kowloon Tong 25/05/2019
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