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ISSEY MIYAKE/ ISSEY MIYAKE MEN (Widetop International Ltd.)
BAO BAO  ISSEY MIYAKE Pieces are arranged to create infinite versatile shapes in this bag brand with an innovative concept and production method. With a triangular structure, the pieces change flat surfaces into three-dimensional ones, creating a new form. This brand brings serendipitous beauty, fun and surprises to the user, along with a practicality that makes these bags suitable for all kinds of settings in your daily life. The line was launched under PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE in 2000 before becoming its own brand from the AUTUMN WINTER 2010 collection. The brand carries out ongoing research to explore new possibilities from a unique engineering-based approach.   PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE 'Pleats' was introduced into ISSEY MIYAKE in 1989, and has developed every season thereafter. By 1993, it was ready to be launched as a complete and stand-alone brand and appeared as PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE for the Spring-Summer collection. This is a line that is positioned to embody one of the most fundamental concepts of Issey Miyake - where the true value of design lies in its integration into the everyday life and comfort of the wearer. This is clearly demonstrated in the development and evolution of traditional techniques of processing and of pleating material into a highly functional modern product - light in weight and easy to wear and handle. This revolutionary concept has won the respect and admiration of women throughout the world and contributed to the growth of an iconic brand - an ingenious fusion of creation, technology and business.  
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Retail - Others Entry -- -- Not applicable Part Time Hong Kong 21/03/2019

Retail - Others Entry -- -- Not applicable Part Time Hong Kong 09/03/2019

Retail - Fashion / Accessories Entry -- 1 F.5 - F.7 or DSE Part Time Hong Kong 01/03/2019

Retail - Others Entry -- -- Not applicable Part Time Hong Kong 28/02/2019

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