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Mulberry House Mandarin Education
Mulberry House is Hong Kong's first and only curriculum guided Mandarin immersion school that starts with children as young as 6 months old. Our mission is to promote Mandarin Chinese and Chinese Culture in early years education. We want children to inquire about the world and to learn to think, speak, read and be confident in Mandarin. We are Reggio-Emilia inspired and our curriculum is guided by the U.K.'s early learning framework (EYFS) and the literacy programme from Beijing Normal University (北京師範大學). With a diverse mix of children from native Mandarin backgrounds, mixed backgrounds, and pure expat backgrounds, we hope that your children will also find Mulberry House a welcoming and fulfilling place to learn and grow. We now have a great track record of taking playgroup children from 8 months to 2.5 years, and sending them through Mandarin strong international schools (graduating to Victoria Kindergarten, ISF preschool, SIS and CIS). We continue to work with preschool children to improve their Mandarin fluency while they are attending local and international school with less Mandarin focus. 桐華教育是香港首間獨一無二瑞吉歐啟發的普通話沉浸式早教學校。我們用靈活互動的教學模式,令孩子們自然又認真投入的學習。透過講故事、感官刺激、美術、手工創作、互動遊戲、科學探索、閱讀和寫作故事等有趣及與別出心裁的學習元素帶領孩子們進入普通話的國度,令他們享受每分每刻的學習旅程。 本校很多學生升入或在讀維多利亞、蘇浙、漢基國際學校、新加坡國際學校、弘立書院等。 學校特色 香港獨一無二用瑞吉歐方法教學的純正普通話母語教育 高質素幼教團隊(80%以上碩士學歷及多年實踐經驗) 採用英國EYFS教學大綱及融合北京師範大學幼兒中文教育研究成果 超小班教學,師生比例1:3 更多關於桐華教育的資料,請見我們的官網及社交媒體頻道: 官方網站: https://www.mulberryhouseasia.com/cn-versionYouTube: Mulberry House Mandarin EducationFacebook, Instagram: @mulberryhouseasia
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Education / Training Middle -- 5 Not applicable Full Time Hong Kong 27/02/2019

Education / Training Middle -- -- -- -- Hong Kong 23/02/2019
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