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Oursky is a small software studio proudly based in Hong Kong. Our goal is to create tech which is fascinating to developers, with great & usable design, and makes lives better. Our works include: Oursky.com - we help our clients work out what comes next for their business, and build web / mobile digital products that bring it to life. Skygear.io - we build an open-source serverless platform for web and mobile apps, so that developers can focus on building amazing experiences quicker, easier, and securer, without messing with the backend infrastructure. Skylab.ai - we apply cutting-edge machine learning technology to our clients' business, and innovate into the futures. You may learn more about our engineering team at the blog, or internal presentations; And our office life in general. Some interesting thing about us: We built Makeappicon.com which is a simple tool for developers with over 3000 usage everyday. We built apps with millions of download, include two startups apps which was listed in Apple's prestigious ‘Best of 2013' and 'Best of 2017'. We made a 9upbot which is a seq2seq model trained from lighk conversations. (Fun fact: 可能係世上講廣東話粗口最叻既 seq2seq chatbot.) Website Oursky.com
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Information Technology Entry -- -- Not applicable Hong Kong 31/01/2019
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