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华侨城(亚洲)公司简介华侨城(亚洲)控股有限公司(“华侨城(亚洲)”)(股份代码:03366.HK)成立于2005年2月28日,是华侨城集团唯一的境外上市平台,于2005年11月2日在香港联交所主板上市。公司自2007年起参与综合开发业务,2010年开始加速转型,综合开发业务规模迅速壮大。目前华侨城(亚洲)参控股上海苏河湾项目、成都华侨城、华侨城长安国际中心、重庆华侨城置地、北京臻园、西安108坊等多个特色鲜明、广受赞誉的综合开发项目。2017年起华侨城(亚洲)推进战略升级, 公司将以“综合开发+城镇化产业生态圈投资”为新的发展模式,充分发挥华侨城品牌及资金优势,在中心城市及华侨城城镇化项目中获取快速周转的项目,以更大力度、更大规模发展综合开发业务;并积极利用境内外资本市场和金融产品,通过境内外直接投资、间接投资(产业基金等)方式,助力华侨城集团打造新型城镇化产业生态圈。秉承华侨城集团的人才理念,华侨城(亚洲)重视人才并致力提升员工价值,给予员工良好之晋升及培训机会,让他们的潜质获得充分发挥。华侨城(亚洲)拥有一支年轻、高学历的员工队伍,一个和谐、勤勉的工作氛围,一种共同发展的团队精神,为员工提供了展示才华、发挥才能的广阔舞台!随着公司不断地发展壮大,我们诚邀有识之士加入华侨城(亚洲)的精英团队,共同学习、探索,快速成长、提升,携手开创美好未来!OCT (Asia)Founded on 28 February 2005, Overseas Chinese Town (Asia) Holdings Limited (“OCT (Asia)”) (stock code: 03366.HK) is the only offshore listed platform of OCT Group. It was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 2 November 2005. The Company began to engage in the comprehensive development business in 2007, and accelerated transformation from 2010 onwards, with the comprehensive development business expanding rapidly. At present, OCT (Asia) has invested in and held multiple distinctly featured and highly recognized comprehensive development projects including Shanghai Suhewan Project, Chengdu OCT, OCT Chang’an Metropolis Center, Chongqing OCT Land, Beijing Unique Garden and Xi’an 108 Mansion. In 2017, OCT (Asia) began to promote strategic upgrading. With “comprehensive development + investment in the urbanization industrial ecosphere” as its new development model, the Company will develop the comprehensive development business with added vigor and on a larger scale by fully leveraging OCT’s brand equity and financial strength, and by securing projects that offer good cash flows from prime cities and OCT urbanization projects. The Company will also actively take advantage of the domestic and overseas capital markets and financial products and help OCT Group to create a new urbanization industrial ecosphere through domestic and overseas direct investments and indirect investments (industrial funds, etc).Adhering to OCT Group’s talent philosophy, Overseas Chinese Town (Asia) attaches great importance to talents and strives to elevate employee value, providing our employees with extensive opportunities of promotion and training to develop their full potential. Possessed with a team of young and well-educated employees, a harmonious and diligent work environment and the team spirit of common development, Overseas Chinese Town (Asia) provides its employees with a broad stage to fully display their talent and aptitude! As the Company continues to expand and grow, we sincerely invite people of vision to join the talent team of Overseas Chinese Town (Asia). Let us learn, explore, rapidly develop, improve and create a bright future hand in hand together!
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Others Middle -- 3 Bachelor Degree Full Time Hong Kong 20/03/2019

Others Entry -- -- Not applicable Full Time Hong Kong 19/03/2019

Financial Services Middle -- 3 Bachelor Degree Full Time Hong Kong 12/03/2019

Trading / Import & Export / Wholesale Middle -- 3 Bachelor Degree Full Time Hong Kong 02/03/2019

Trading / Import & Export / Wholesale Entry -- -- Not applicable Full Time Hong Kong 01/03/2019

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