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Philia Earth Limited
The word "Philia" comes from Greek terminology which carries the meaning of "friendship love". Philiaearth is, therefore, a company that showcases the love for the Earth through the positive contributions of its projects, while in the process of collaboration, the team will develop strong friendship bonding. Philiaearth was officially formed on Earth Day, 22 April 2016. We are a company which aims to seek creative, innovative, and sustainable solutions to existing world problems (e.g. climate change, uncontrollable urbanization, unequal resources distributions) while being realistic and careful in the execution. We dare to imagine new ideas that can improve people's quality of life. Our mission is preserving the earth's resources through actively taking part in sustainable development and educating our present and the next generation to make smart choices. ​We are committed to continuously, consistently, and diligently working together to transform our world into: A Sustainable Planet Earth.  
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Architecture / Construction / Engineering / Quantity Survey Entry --
-- -- Internship Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong Island Hong Kong
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