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A xebec is a three-masted vessel, with projecting bow stern and convex decks, used in the Mediterranean Sea for transporting merchandise. It carries both square and lateen sails. It used to be a vital communication tool between different cultures and civilizations. In the spirit of xebec, Xebec Media Limited has been riding on an interactive platform for years, where different forms of media and professional knowledge exemplify their best. We transport ideas and concepts through the creation of videos, multi-media productions, animations and documentaries. Xebec Media Ltd is a TV Production agency based in Hong Kong since 2002. We create promotion videos, training videos and advertisment for Corporate, Government & NGO. website : ‪http://www.xebec.com‬.hk
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Freight Forwarding / Logistics / Delivery Entry -- 3 Diploma / Certificate Full Time Kwun Tong 18/10/2018

Advertising / Marketing / Public Relation Middle -- 3 Diploma / Certificate Full Time Kwun Tong 10/10/2018

Media / Publishing Entry -- 3 Diploma / Certificate Full Time Kwun Tong 22/09/2018
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