IKONE Design Limited作為為企業創造品牌價值的專家,致力於為客戶打造一個強大的、獨特的、永恆的品牌。我們經驗豐富的企業品牌團隊,將從企業原來的品牌故事中找出更深層次的意義,從中創造、更新企業的品牌形象。IKONE Design...

IKONE Design Limited作為為企業創造品牌價值的專家,致力於為客戶打造一個強大的、獨特的、永恆的品牌。我們經驗豐富的企業品牌團隊,將從企業原來的品牌故事中找出更深層次的意義,從中創造、更新企業的品牌形象。

IKONE Design Limited的企業品牌部業務包括:創造和提升企業品牌形象、品牌設計、多媒體UI and UX設計、定制出版等。

IKONE Design Limited, we are Bespoke Branding Expert, embracing the mission to build a strong, exclusive and timeless brand for our clients. Our experienced brand consultants create and revamp company brand with empowering and meaningful visual recognition. IKONE Design Limited Corporate Branding Department is here to create and strengthen Corporate Brand image and DNA, CI, multimedia related UX UI design, custom publishing, other corporate touch points, etc


企業品牌開發設計師 或 企業品牌開發專員 / Graphic Designer, Corporate Branding or Development Officer, Corporate Branding

Job level Middle
Work exp 2 Years To 4 Years
Education Associate Degree
Tsuen Wan
Employment type Full Time
Industry Design
Job function Design > Graphic Design
Design > Product / Industrial Design
Design > Web / Multi-media Design
Published On 12/01/2021
Salary (HKD) $15,000 - $20,000 / month

Responsibilities :

  • 開發企業品牌形象及設計項目。
  • 與企業品牌設計師、多媒體策劃、文案策劃及部門管理層處理及建構客戶企業品牌方案。
  • 品牌品質維護及監控。
  • 清晰地接收創意方向及要求,將創意方向轉化成設計。完成上級指派項目。
  • 準確完成各指定項目時間表。

Responsibilities :

  • Development in Corporate Branding and Design Projects.
  • Co-operate with Corporate Branding Designer, Multimedia Officer, Copy Writer, Content Developer and Department Head in Client corporate branding development projects.
  • Transform creative directions and requirements into graphic designs in appointed projects.
  • Quality control and supervision in Corporate Branding.
  • Accurately compete in time schedule for every project tasks.


Requirements :

  • 2至4年經驗。
  • 平面設計經驗, 大學或設計學院畢業。
  • 能有效執行及應用指定設計程式(InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop etc.) 。
  • 如能提供以下過往工作經驗,作品參考或案例會優先考慮。
  1. 商業或企業Logo設計,企業識別系統操作及應用,基礎開發認知。
  2. 多媒體UI設計。
  3. 雜誌,廣告的排版及設計。
  • 有强大的創意開發能力和設計思维。能清晰地接收創意方向及要求,將創意方向轉化成設計。有良好的審美眼光。
  • 有色彩和視覺敏銳感。
  • 很强的溝通和理解能力,性格開朗靈活,好學,有責任心。
  • 需備有強大團隊合作能力。能有效地和各不同範疇的團隊成員、客戶及第三方公司完成項目。
  • 具有基本美術根基(手繪)和構思觸角。
  • 有基礎處理3D技術(為優勢)。
  • 能在工作壓力下維持部門品質標準。
  • 有良好語言能力基礎廣東話、普通話及英文溝通,良好閱讀及書寫能力。


Requirements :

  • 2 to 4 Years Graphic Design Experiences.
  • Graduated in Graphic Design in University or Academy. 
  • Professional Performance in graphic design related software (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop etc.).
  • Strong work profiles in the below will consider in advance.
  1. Design profile in Corporate and Busines Logos, Responsive Logos, development in Corporate Identity Menu/Guideline, Corporate Branding Touch Points etc.
  2. UI Design profiles in multimedia.
  3. Graphic Designs and related works in Custom Publishing and advertisements.
  • Strong in creativities and design development abilities.
  • Understanding and effectively receive branding and art direction from team leader and obtain requirements from clients.  
  • Solid in transformation of art directions into actual graphic designs.
  • Strong Aesthetics in designs and related applications.
  • Good sense of color vision and visual design
  • Fair skill in hand drawing/sketching, composition.
  • Basic knowledge and execution in 3D design (Will be Advantage).
  • Must have strong skill working with team, able to work with different parties throughout projects (Corporate Branding Team members, Clients and related third parties etc.)
  • Strong in communication and understanding. good personality, cheerful and flexible, willing to learn and explore, sense of responsibility, punctual.
  • Able to work under pressure and maintain team standard.
  • Fluent in English and Cantonese, fair in Mandarin.
  • Good in content reading and writing in Chinese and English.


薪金 Salaries : HKD 15,000 to 20,000


有意者請將個人履歷、要求薪金電郵至: alex.leung@ikonedesign.com

Interested parties, please send your full resume with salary expected to: alex.leung@ikonedesign.com

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