Blockchain Exchange and Operations Director 区块链交易所和社区运营总监

Job level Middle
Skill blockchain, crypto, bitcoin, ICO, tokens
Language English
Shanghai (上海)
Employment type
Industry HR / Recruitment Services
Job function Banking / Finance > General / Operations
Information Technology > Sales - Pre / Post
Information Technology > Others
Published On 30/04/2018

















Blockchain Exchange and Community Operations Director


Job Description:

1. Familiar with bitcoin, digital currency, blockchain related knowledge, familiar with the blockchain industry and circles, good at finding hot spots and breaking news in the industry, being the in-depth user of the mainstream blockchain forum, familiar with the operation of the blockchain project, Various promotion channels and methods;

2. According to the operating model of the platform, it will lead, set up and manage the website operation team, and coordinate the management of various tasks on the external platform;


3. Responsible for the operation and management of the company's exchanges and APP products, and formulate online operation strategies, plans, and effective implementation;

4. Responsible for market analysis, product planning, demand investigation, user behavior analysis, risk (liquidity, policy, etc.) analysis and monitoring of digital asset trading platforms; those who have successful cases are preferred;

5, have a good network marketing skills, have some experience in the system management of network sales;

6, good communication skills, learning ability and logical thinking ability;


Job Requirements:

1. More than 3 years of service platform operation experience, familiar with the platform operation specification and process, familiar with platform business cooperation model, and actively promote cooperation;

2. Those who have actual experience in the initial release of tokens and exchange operations are preferred;

3, strong pressure resistance, with rapid and accurate reflection and analysis capabilities;

4, virtual assets heavy enthusiasts, priority.