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Deputy Procurement Director (集團採購副總監) / Senior Purchasing Manager - toys mfg (in Vietnam)

Job level Top
Work exp Minimum 10 Years
Within Overseas
Employment type Full Time
Industry Manufacturing - Toys / Gifts
Job function Logistics / Transportation > Supply Chain / Logistics
Merchandising / Purchasing > Merchandising - Toys
Merchandising / Purchasing > Purchasing / Procurement / Sourcing
Published On 19/03/2020
  • Toys manufacturer  
  • Factories : 9 X Vietnam factories (20000 workers) in Vietnam + 1 X China factory (1000 workers)  
  • Main market : America, EU and Japan  
  • We are looking for DEPUTY PROCUREMENT DIRECTOR (集團採購副總監) - with details as follows :
  • 統籌集團採購工作;
  • 建立及完善的供應商管理體系,指導跟進好供應商開發、篩選、評估、維護工作;負責供應商年度評估管理;
  • 管控採購價格,建立公司常用物料價格信息庫,監督、檢查報價的合​​理性、真實性,指導、檢查及確認採購成本分析與預算的合理性、準確性;認真審核採購價格,促進降低採購成本費用;
  • 制訂採購工作目標、年度採購計劃、月度採購計劃,保證所採購的材(物)料交付能滿足生產排程及客戶交期;
  • 組織建立、審核採購相關的規章制度、崗位職責工作規範,監督執行並建檔和保存;
  • 保證採購物料品質異常處理的及時性及有效性;
  • 制定採購部績效考核制度並確認KPI 達成的結果,及採購人員的培訓、培養;
  • 指導、監督、協調採購部人員與供應間、各分廠、各部門的工作關係,保持良好的工作氛圍;
  • 本科及以上學歷,物流及供應鏈管理、經濟管理或相關專業,OFFICE辦公軟件熟練
  • 10年以上企業採購管理工作經驗,熟悉行業物資採購招投標程序,5年以上同崗位工作經驗,有豐富的玩具廠採購總經理級管理經驗者優先;
  • 熟悉供應鏈管理的相關流程,能對採購、物流等資源進行有效整合及優化;
  • 有大型集團企業採購信息化系統及平台實施經驗;
  • 有海外工作經驗者優先(並非必須)
  • 本職位工作地點在越南海防。
  • 香港僱傭合約 香港強積金
  • 享有探親假、路費補貼、簽證補貼等福利。
  • 廠區環境優美,員工娛樂設施齊全,免費提供食宿 (中國廚師)
  • Manage the group's procurement work; 
  • Establish and improve the supplier management system, guide and follow up the supplier development, screening, evaluation and maintenance work; be responsible for the supplier's annual evaluation management; 
  • Control the purchase price, establish the company's material price information database, supervise and check the rationality and authenticity of the quotation, guide, check and confirm the rationality and accuracy of the procurement cost analysis and budget; carefully review the purchase price and promote the reduction of procurement cost ; Formulate procurement objectives, annual procurement plans, and monthly procurement plans to ensure that the materials (materials) purchased are delivered to meet production schedules and customer delivery;
  • Organize the establishment and review of procurement-related rules and regulations, job responsibilities, supervision, implementation, documentation and preservation; 
  • Ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of the abnormal handling of purchased materials; 
  • Formulate the performance appraisal system of the Purchasing Department and confirm the results of the KPI and the training and training of the procurement personnel; 
  • To guide, supervise and coordinate the working relationship between the procurement department and the suppliers, factories and various internal departments;
  • Bachelor degree or above, logistics and supply chain management, economic management or related major, OFFICE office software proficiency; 
  • More than 10 years of experience in corporate procurement management, familiar with industry procurement procedures, more than 5 years of work experience in the same position; preferably solid experience in toy manufacturers 
  • Familiar with the relevant processes of supply chain management, can effectively integrate and optimize resources such as procurement and logistics; 
  • Experience in the implementation of large-scale group enterprise procurement information system and platform; 
  • Experience in offshore factories is a plus (not a must)
  • This position is based in Haiphong, Vietnam. 
  • HK employment contract 
  • HK MPF
  • Benefits such as home leave, toll subsidies, visa subsidies, etc.
  • The factory has a beautiful environment, full staff entertainment facilities, free accommodation and meals (Chinese chef)
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