We are a well-recognized pharmaceutical manufacturing company based in Hong Kong invites applications for the following positions:

We are a well-recognized pharmaceutical manufacturing company based in Hong Kong invites applications for the following positions:

Production Manager

Job level Entry
Work exp Minimum 3 Years
Education Bachelor Degree
Language Chinese - Cantonese, Chinese - Mandarin, English
Chai Wan
Employment type Full Time
Industry Manufacturing - Others
Job function Manufacturing > Operations Management
Manufacturing > Production Planning / Control
Manufacturing > Quality Assurance / Control
Published On 29/04/2022

Job requirement (to include qualification, experience and training received as appropriate):

崗位要求 (包括學歷、經驗及視乎是否適用已接受的培訓):

  • Degree holder of relevant science subject or been responsible for manufacture at a GMP proprietary Chinese medicine manufacturer certified by PIC/S member plus 3 years’ practical experience in manufacture of proprietary Chinese medicines OR 18 months under GMP manufacturing environment of pCm and out of which 6 months’ practical experience has to be gained in Hong Kong
  • 持有相關科學科目的學士學位,或曾已獲PIC/S成員發出有關生產質量管理規範證書的中成藥製造商,擔任製造主管的人士,加上3年從事中成藥方面製造的實際經驗或18個月從事中成藥方面GMP 製造的實際經驗,當中包括最少6個月為於香港獲得的相關實際經驗。
  • good command of Cantonese and preferably English and Putonghua
  • 能操良好流利廣東話,能操英語及普通話更佳
  • good command of WORD and EXCEL


Job description:


  • To be responsible for daily operation of the Production Department to ensure smooth operation and maximize efficiency with the ultimate objective to achieve the objective as set by the Management
  • 負責生產部日常運作以確保運作暢順及最高的效率,以使可達到管理層訂定的目標為最終目的
  • To maintain close liaison with the Head Office and arrange production and delivery plan accordingly
  • 與寫字樓保持緊密聯繫,以安排生產及出貨計劃
  • To work closely with Quality Assurance Department and Quality Control Department to improve quality related issue
  • 與品質管理部及品質控制部緊密合作以改善與品質有關的問題
  • To arrange to compile and approve standard operating procedure and instruction in relation to manufacturing, packaging and storage and to ensure all Production staff act according to the laid down procedure and instruction
  • 安排制訂及審批與製造、包裝及儲存有關的標準操作程序及工作指引,並確保生產部各員工按制訂的程序及指引運作
  • To ensure that manufacturing records are evaluated and signed by a designated person before submission to Quality Assurance Department to proceed to release
  • 確保製造記錄已評價及由指定人員簽署後才交品質管理部以進行放行程序。
  • To ensure that manufacturing processes are validated and control instruments are calibrated and the relevant results are recorded in reports
  • 確保製造程序已驗證及控制儀器已校準,並把結果記錄在報告
  • To arrange training for and conduct training to Production personnel
  • 安排及提供生產部員工的培訓
  • To participate in the improvement of factory facility, machinery and equipment
  • 參與改善廠房、機器及設備
  • To arrange repair and maintenance of factory facility, machinery and equipment
  • 安排廠房設備、機器的維修及保養
  • To be responsible for security, fire services, sanitary, pest control and disposal of waste at the factory
  • 負責廠內保安、消防、清潔衛生、滅蟲及廢料回收
  • To be responsible for personnel management of Production Department including recruitment and job assignment
  • 負責生產部人事管理包括招聘及工作安排
  • To be responsible for implementation of safety management system at the factory
  • 負責在工廠內執行安全管理系統
  • To carry out the duties as the deputy to the “responsible person", if qualified to supervise the manufacture of proprietary Chinese medicine as stipulated in section 132(1)(b) of the Chinese Medicine Ordinance, Hong Kong Laws
  • 若符合資格,按香港法律《中醫藥條例》第132(1)(b)條規定,執行「負責人」的副手之職務負責監管製造中成藥
  • To evaluate potential and recruit potential vendor
  • 評估有潛質及招募有潛質的供應商。
  • To monitor approved vendor other than those that supply raw material and material in direct contact with the product
  • 監控已核准的供應商,原料及與產品有直接接觸物料供應商除外。
  • To arrange purchase of raw and packing materials according to laid down specification
  • 按已制訂的規格訂購原料及包裝材料。
  • To ensure materials are in place on time for smooth production
  • 確保物料準期到位以使生產暢順
  • To assist quality assurance department with raw material vendor assessment
  • 協助品管部評審原料供應商