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中國創新投資有限公司(「中國創新」,港股代號為: 1217)2002828日在香港聯合交易所主機板上市,股份代號為:1217。本公司透過投資上市及非上市之企業,爭取在所投企業資產證券化過程中,獲取中長期資本增值,並以此作為主要經營策略和收益來源。

中國創新投資有限公司(「中國創新」,港股代號為: 1217)於2002年8月28日在香港聯合交易所主機板上市,股份代號為:1217。本公司透過投資上市及非上市之企業,爭取在所投企業資產證券化過程中,獲取中長期資本增值,並以此作為主要經營策略和收益來源。

中國創新投資有限公司(「中國創新」,港股代號為: 1217)2002828日在香港聯合交易所主機板上市,股份代號為:1217。本公司透過投資上市及非上市之企業,爭取在所投企業資產證券化過程中,獲取中長期資本增值,並以此作為主要經營策略和收益來源。

Project Officer/ Intern 項目專員/項目實習生 (項目設計/室內設計)

Job level Entry
Work exp Minimum 1 Year
Education Bachelor Degree
Sheung Wan Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
Employment type Full Time
Industry Architecture / Construction / Engineering / Quantity Survey
Job function Construction / Property > Building & Construction
Design > Interior Design
Published On 30/08/2018 2018-08-30

China Innovation Investment Limited (Stock Code: 1217) was incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability on 7th February 2002, and listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the Stock Exchange) on 28 August 2002. The Company is an investment holding company under Chapter 21 of the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the Listing Rules). Its principal investment objective is to achieve short and medium to long-term capital appreciation by investing in listed and unlisted companies.

中國創新投資有限公司(「中國創新」,港股代號為: 1217)於 2002 年 8 月 28 日在香港聯合交易所主機板上市,股份代號為:1217。本公司透過投資上市及非上市之企業,爭取在所投企業資產證券化過程中,獲取中長期資本增值,並以此作為主要經營策略和收益來源。


Project Officer/ Intern  項目專員/項目實習生  (項目設計/室內設計)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with the project management director to complete various project works , including: property investment, site design, construction management, supply management, tender management, contract follow-up, settlement follow-up, decoration management, etc
  • Assist project design of property plans, park plans, building exterior plans, etc.
  • Assist the project management director to contact relevant external partners such as builders and material supplier
  • Other assignments assigned by superiors.


  1. 協助管理並執行各項項目工作,包括:物業投資、場地設計、施工管理、供貨管理、招標管理、合約跟進、入駐跟進、裝修管理等;
  2. 協助設計各地物業平面圖、園區規劃圖、建築物外觀設計圖等;
  3. 協助聯絡建築商、材料供應商等相關外部合作方;
  4. 其他上級交辦的工作。


Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above in related majors;
  • Familiar with software such as Sketch Up, Power Point and Perspective, Photoshop, Illustrator and AutoCAD;
  • Have the Hong Kong/China real estate market knowledge and understand the design, construction and decoration management of the project;
  • Have good teamwork and organizational communication skills;
  • Fluent in English and Mandarin


  1. 相關專業本科以上學歷;
  2. 熟悉使用Auto Cad, Sketch Up, Power Point, Perspective, Photoshop、Illustrator及AutoCAD等软件;
  3. 瞭解香港/中國房地產市場,瞭解項目的設計、施工與裝修管理等環節;
  4. 具有良好的團隊協作能力和組織溝通能力
  5. 良好英文、中文及普通話;


Excellent career development opportunities and attractive remuneration package will be offered to the right candidate. Interested parties can visit our website for more information at, and email us the full CV (both Chi and Eng) with expected salary.

(Personal data will be collected for recruitment purposes only)


  1. 高薪政策。透過合理的薪資架構,提供有競爭力薪酬待遇;
  2. 晉升政策。公司採用公平公正的量化指標,職位上升制度透明,空間大;