Sales & Marketing Director 销售及市场总监

Job level Top
Education Bachelor Degree
Within Hong Kong
Employment type Full Time
Industry Retail - Others
Job function Sales / Business Development / Customer Service > Business Development
Marketing / Public Relations > Management
Sales / Business Development / Customer Service > Sales Management
Published On 20/12/2018

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop, execute, evaluate an annual sales and marketing plan with qualitative and quantitative objectives and able to adjust regularly on needed basis
  • 制定,执行,评估具有定性和定量目标的年度销售和市场营销计划,并能够根据需要定期进行调整
  • Basing on company’s strategy, to generate sales from private clients by servicing and further business development from the current client database as well as acquisition of new clients to achieve sales target
  • 基于公司发展战略,通过提升对现有客户的服务和进一步开拓新客户等的业务发展,从而完成年度的销售目标
  • Development of an efficient and suitable CRM
  • 开发有效且合适的客户关系管理系统
  • Supervise, train and manage the sales and marketing team to ensure the team is fully motivated and is able to reflect company’s philosophy operating in the field
  • 监督,培训和管理销售与市场团队,以确保团队充满动力,并能够反映公司在该领域的经营理念
  • Adequate reporting and communication to the General Manager and act in the best interest of the Company. Being a good bridge between and passing through suitable messages from General Manager and the Sales Team
  • 向总经理充分汇报和沟通,并以公司利益为重,成为总经理和销售团队之间传递适当信息的桥梁
  • Internal and external sales and marketing related technology tools development
  • 内部和外部销售与市场营销相关的技术工具发展
  • Branding of the Company
  • 公司品牌管理
  • Work efficiently and formulate good communications with other teams and departments
  • 高效的工作能力并与其他团队和部门建立良好的沟通
  • To travel for business trips on needed basis
  • 根据需要安排出差


Why This Position:

  • Servicing and getting familiar with ultra- high net worth segment
  • 服务并熟悉超高净值的客户
  • Quality project with financial companies and large corporates
  • 与金融公司和大型企业合作优质项目
  • A chance to elevate more with other possible management roles for further career advancement
  • 透过与其他管理层共事的机会提升自己,从而取得进一步的职业提升
  • Able to utilize experiences in new projects to grow together with the Company in the China & HK market
  • 能够利用新项目的经验与公司一起在中国和香港市场共同成长
  • Dealing with top and rare wines from France
  • 能接触到法国顶级稀有的葡萄酒


  • Educations: University or above with relevant field, business management, law or finance major;
  • 教育水平:本科或以上学历,主修企业管理,法律或金融相关专业;
  • With 15 years plus work experience and with at least 6 years of management experience;
  • 拥有15年以上的工作经验以及至少6年管理经验;
  • Experiences in hospitality or luxury industry with knowledge of wine and have enterprise customer resources is a plus;
  • 拥有酒店或奢侈品行业的工作经验,并具备葡萄酒相关专业知识,及拥有企业客户资源者的优先考虑;
  • Management skill-set: able to manage sales department with mature responsibility, able to work independently and under pressure, resourceful and self-driven with a strong sense of commitment;
  • 管理技能:具备充分的责任心和管理销售部门的能力,具有较强抗压和独立工作的能力,机智并能够自我驱动,具有强烈的使命感;
  • Language Skills: Good command of both written and spoken English, Chinese (Mandarin), with additional languages (e.g. French) is a plus;
  • 语言技能:良好的书面英语和口语,中文(普通话),懂其他语言(如法语)者优先考虑;
  • Responsible and detailed mind; ability to prioritize multiple assignments and meet deadlines; Aggressive and continuous learner
  • 负责任并注重细节,能够面对多项工作任务时按照优先次序按时完成,是一个积极进取有恒心的学习者
  • Computer and software skill-set: proficient in Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, Power point and Chinese word processing; able to communicate and work efficiently on wechat, email and/or whatsapp/modern communication tools
  • 电脑和软件技能:精通Microsoft Office,包括Microsoft Excel,Word,Outlook,Power point和中文文字处理,能够在微信,电子邮件和/或Whatsapp /现代通信工具上进行有效沟通和工作
  • Passionate in selling and coaching/training others in the team
  • 热衷于销售并在团队中指导/培训同事
  • Salary offer :$25000-35000

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