The Work Project is a membership based workplace that delivers an entirely new working experience. Our “Houses” provide the most complete environment for today’s workforce and aim to create value by influencing and improving the way human beings work. Featuring the finest products,...

The Work Project is a membership based workplace that delivers an entirely new working experience. Our “Houses” provide the most complete environment for today’s workforce and aim to create value by influencing and improving the way human beings work. Featuring the finest products, design, food, beverage, air quality, acoustics, state of the art technology and service, we a truly holistic environment to make your spirits soar!


The Work Project is hiring a diverse group of people united by the desire to create the ultimate workplace. We are looking for people who share our vision, our core values, and people who are looking for a place to work that inspires them, challenges them, and makes them proud to come to work. A place where innovation and service comes from the heart, not from a handbook. A place that never stops innovating and continuously delights and excites each and every one of our customers to come to work.

Work Experience Manager (Sales)

Job level Middle
Education Bachelor Degree
Location Causeway Bay
Employment type Full Time
Benefits 5-day week, Medical plan, Performance bonus
Industry Hospitality / Hotel Services
Job function Sales / Business Development / Customer Service > Account Servicing
Sales / Business Development / Customer Service > Business Development
Sales / Business Development / Customer Service > Sales Management
Published On 18/10/2016

Work Experience Manager (Sales)

We are looking for Work Experience Manager​ (WEM) to join​ our team in Hong Kong​ at the flagship of The Work Project serviced offices & co-working spaces in Causeway Bay​


The ​primary goal of the WEM would be to drive the sales of The Work Project through license agreements, event organisation and driving online sales.

​Be responsible for producing sales proposals and presentations for existing and new accounts, building and maintaining relationships, aligning client’s needs by positioning company’s products & services and successfully partnering with real estate agents, brokers and online real estate platforms

The ideal candidate should establish The Work Project in the serviced office industry as a premium product and a pioneer in dynamic pricing, product quality & service offering​ and be able to train other team members in driving sales as ultimately it would be a team effort to reach the goals. As a secondary goal, the WEM is also responsible for doing market research and evaluating product pricing with the help of revenue management.

​Both these goals should translate into a strategic sales plan in order to generate new relationships and accounts and maintaining customer relationships.​



  • Bachelor's degree
  • English as the mother tongue with complete proficiency in business writing
  • ​Proficient with Microsoft Excel & Power point​


  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal communication skills with particular emphasis on presentation, analytical and sales expertise, and negotiation technique
  • Experience in hotel sales, office rentals or real estate sales would be preferred but not necessary
  • Experience​ & knowledge​ in social media ​management would be preferred but not necessary


​The personality of a person is much more important to The Work Project than what professional experience they possess. "Skills can be taught but attitude is forever". We pride ourselves to have a team with different backgrounds and skills but who share our common empathetic, collaborative and entrepreneurial values. The ideal candidate should be:

  • Believing in sales as a medium to solve a client's problem, not to sell them a product
  • ​Passionate about Lifestyle,​ businesses,​ ​hotels ​or ​e- commerce businesses​
  • ​​Curious to work in a new ​start-up
  • ​Change the status quo and be able to create, plans & ​procedures from scratch
  • ​Able to work in a fast changing environment and adapt to needs of the market
  • ​An excellent personal able to be the ambassador of the brand and communicate to clients and partners in ​a ​professional way
  • ​A team player who is willing to work in an environment where almost all responsibilities are undertaken as a team effort​
  • Able to work with flexible hours and undertake other duties than the main job description as per the needs of the business.

Who we are?

The Work Project offers innovative office spaces with the mission to help people work better. The Work Project offers unprecedented flexibility: Members have complete freedom to choose their own contract term and adjust their office space according to their evolving needs. We are the only space that offers an office-on-demand for as short as one day. It is like an Expedia for offices, providing instant access. We have carefully designed a multi-sensory environment to enhance productivity: Every single element – including music, scent, refreshments and furniture has been carefully curated with the goal of improving productivity and work experience. Members are empowered with access to a range of facilities, services and thoughtfully curated amenities that will help accelerate their rise.

What do we offer?

  • Highly competitive salary & benefits package plus bonus scheme
  • Cross exposure in future locations
  • Constant support for professional development through mentoring & professional training (in-house and from industry experts)


For interested candidates, please send your resume with a short description of what makes you happy and productive in a workplace via email: We guarantee to reply back to you within 48 hours.