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7 Tips to Create Your Perfect Resume

Your resume is the first impression you make with an employer. It is an essential tool to help sell your talents and skills, as well as highlight your experience and professional background. A crucial piece in landing you your dream job, it is important that your resume shows your future employer how you’re the best fit for the job in question. Here are some tips for creating the perfect resume to help you score your dream job.

Presentation is key. No matter how often it has been said, a lot of people still fail to create polished resumes for their job hunt. Not only should your resume look clean and professional, but the entire layout of the resume should be well structured and flow easily. Do not load your resume with excessive information in a haphazard manner. Having a well organised resume that’s also aesthetically pleasing will show the employer that you have great attention to detail and organisational skills. These are valuable assets for most companies. 

Get the basics right. Aside from making sure you stand out, it is also important that the basics are covered on your resume. This includes common sections such as contact information, as well as education and relevant job skills. This may also include your own achievements, hobbies, and interests to help the employer get to know you a little better. 

Customise your keywords. One of the least known resume tips, the focus on keywords may very well get you ahead of your competitors. Many companies now use systems that search through resumes to find select keywords to ensure that they are getting the right candidates for the job. Do research on the types of keywords that would be relevant to the field or position that you are applying for and use them throughout in your resume. Just be sure to use the keywords lightly as you want to make your resume sound as natural as possible withount making it obvious that you’re specifically tailoring it for search engine searches. 

Keep it concise. In order to maintain professionalism and keep an employer intrigued while skimming resumes, your resume should be brief and to the point. Ensure that you tailor your resume for the position that you are applying for. It is unnecessary to include your entire life’s story and all your experiences on the resume. Potential employers are typically impressed by candidates who are concise and don’t fill their resumes with fluff.

Ensure proper grammar and punctuation are used. Possible the most well-established resume tip, grammar and punctuation are always a priority. Once you think you have your resume complete, go over it with an eye for detail. Read your resume in its entirety out loud in order to catch anything that may not be clear. If possible, have someone else read and review your resume to catch something you may have missed. Also ask if everything is clear and that there are no ambiguous statements that you should rewrite. 

Be truthful. It’s understandable that you would want your resume to stand out, but it is extremely futile to add any misleading information or flat-out lies. Employers will run a background or reference check and if they come to find any information on your resume was false, it can very likely lead to the job offer being rescinded. Avoid the embarrassment and make sure that you only include information that is correct and accurate. 

Submit a video resume. For the technologically savvy, a video resume is a great way to market yourself in an engaging and interactive manner, as well as help you stand out amongst the sea of applicants. This also allows your future employer to put a face to the resume. Take caution though. A video resume may show your future employer that you think outside the box, but make sure you submit a professional and well-made video resume that can convey your qualifications, skills and background in as much detail as the written resume, if not more, or your tactic may backfire. 

Overall, keep in mind that the perfect resume is one that reflects your potential and highlights your best accomplishments. By following some of these tips for creating the perfect resume, you’ll soon find yourself gainfully employed with a fantastic new career.