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About The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors 香港測量師學會

Published on Monday, 22 Sep 2014

Established in 1984, The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) is the only surveying professional body incorporated by ordinance in Hong Kong.  As of 1 August 2014, the number of members reached 8927, of which 6049 were corporate members, 66 were associate members and 2812 were probationers and students.

HKIS work includes setting standards for professional services and performance, establishing codes of ethics, determining requirements for admission as professional surveyors, and encouraging members to upgrade skills through continuing professional development.

HKIS has an important consultative role in government policy making and on issues affecting the profession. We have advised the government on issues such as unauthorized building works, building safety campaign, problems of property management, town planning and development strategies, construction quality and housing problems. We are working on amendments to standard forms of building contract and have issued guidance notes on floor area measurement methods.

We have an established presence in the international arenas, have overseas connections, and have entered into reciprocal agreements with professional surveying and valuation institutes in the United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore recognizing the counterpart's member's qualifications. In addition, HKIS is a member of various leading international surveying organisations.

HKIS has six Divisions and one Young Surveyors Group:   

  • Building Surveying Division
  • General Practice Division
  • Land Surveying Division
  • Quantity Surveying Division
  • Planning and Development Division
  • Property and Facility Management Division
  • Young Surveyors Group 


HKIS has reciprocal/mutual recognition arrangements with the following overseas institutes: 

  • Australian Property Institute
  • Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers
  • New Zealand Property Institute
  • China Engineering Cost Association
  • China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers
  • China Association of Engineering Consultants
  • The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
  • New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors
  • The Building Surveyors Institute of Japan
  • Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
  • Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors


HKIS is a member of the following international organisations: 

  • The International Cost Engineering Council
  • International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  • International Valuation Standards Council
  • Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors
  • World Organization of Building Officials
  • World Association of Valuation Organisations


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