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Do you add value?

Published on Friday, 17 May 2013
Walter Ellicott

Securing a job interview can often be very tough, so once an interview has been confirmed, there are some simple steps you should follow to maximise your chances of getting that all-important job offer.

There are two main things to focus on: demonstrating the value you can add to the company, and showing enthusiasm for the role and the company. Most candidates make the mistake of going to an interview to find out what the company can offer them, instead of showing the company what value they can add.

You must give the company reasons to want to hire you. Show them what you have done in your previous roles and relate it to what they do. Impress the interviewer with your background and be confident you have the skills and experience they need to move their organisation forwards.

By doing your research you will make a good impression on the day. Look into the company’s performance and history. Try to understand the company’s culture and find out about the people you will be meeting.

If using a recruiter, ask them about the personalities within the company. Use this information when speaking to the interviewer and do not be afraid to let them see that you are excited about
the company and position they are offering.

Indeed, enthusiasm can be an extremely positive asset during the interview. Letting the interviewer see this can certainly help you stand out from the competition and will illustrate to them that you will bring high levels of passion to the job.

Walter Ellicott, managing director, Ellicott Long

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