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Don't take it lying down

Published on Thursday, 04 Nov 2010
Illustration: Martin Megino

If you are being ostracised at the office, ridiculed by colleagues and are feeling downtrodden as a result, here are some ways to free yourself from workplace bullying:

Find out what has gone wrong

Talk to a trusted colleague and find out if there has been a breakdown in communication between you and your tormentor, or if you have behaved in a way that has led to misunderstandings.

Seek help from counsellors

Some companies provide access or referrals to professional counsellors. Ask HR if this is available. Alternatively, visit a counsellor or clinical psychologist.

Talk with your boss or with HR

Explain the situation to your boss. Take the matter up with HR if your supervisor is the "bully" concerned. But don't expect a panacea for your interpersonal issues. Come up with suggestions, such as transferring to another team or adjusting working hours.

Remember: there is much more to life than your job

Develop a hobby - many people have built a career on their passion. Your newly acquired interest may open a brave new world.

Advice from Professor Angela Shik Wai-yan, an assistant professor of social work at Chinese University, as told to Nora Tong

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