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Get career in motion with motivation

Published on Thursday, 08 Sep 2011
Illustration: Bay Leung

Motivation is our internal drive "to do" - to achieve, to evolve or to change. It plays an important role in most areas of our lives, yet many of us find it hard to maintain. If the novelty of your new job is wearing off or your performance at work has started to wane, perhaps it's time to heed the following.

Make a change Take stock of what you do and don't enjoy throughout the day and speak to your boss about shifting priorities to areas where you are highly motivated and there is potential for success. This could be as simple as re-allocating your time or taking on special projects. 

Transform Motivation is fuelled by challenge, so think about how you can transform your work. If you've become idle or complacent, you may find that simply pushing yourself harder creates the drive you've been lacking. Set both short- and long-term goals to create challenges and opportunities. Use rewards as incentive to work hard and take time to feel good about your achievements. 

Adjust your attitude We rarely take the time to think about our attitude towards others, our daily surroundings, and about the tasks that we do. Try to think positively - picturing a happy outcome can change your outlook, not to mention the result. Be mindful not to project your frustrations onto co-workers or clients. 

Network Socialise with your colleagues and create meaningful relationships with them by extending an invitation to lunch or happy hour. This should result in more interesting and productive work days.

Matthew Hill, managing director, Ambition

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