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Know your team, know yourself

Becoming a team player involves committing to group tasks and supporting your colleagues. You can achieve this by developing relationships based on open communication, shared responsibility and constructive conflict resolution. By interacting with the team, you will develop your own strengths and understand your colleagues better.

Open communication

Share your ideas and concerns with your team in a way that they are most comfortable. Depending on the situation, this could be via email, telephone or face to face. Some people respond better to emails while others prefer face-to-face meetings. Working out the best approach is an important step in communicating effectively.

Shared responsibility

Take responsibility for your tasks and deliver them to a standard that reflects positively on the team. Help others with their work that may fall outside your job description.

Constructive conflict resolution

Approach conflicts in a positive way and reach a compromise with your colleagues. Discuss issues openly in a mature and polite manner. Everyone should have an opportunity to express his opinion and listen to others. Another alternative is to involve a third-party professional to assist in resolving problems if co-workers agree to this approach.

Jason Hemens, corporate communications manager, Michael Page International