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The most commonly asked ‘first’ question in a job interview

Published on Friday, 04 Jul 2014


以下和大家談談最常見的第一個問題,就是:‘Tell me about yourself.’


I got a diploma in hotel and tourism management from ABC University. I have been working as a front desk officer in DEF hotel for three years. I have developed my practical skills in hotel industry, and know how to deal with different types of people. I love to help people, enjoy meeting new friends. I’m hardworking and don’t mind working long hours.


I’m an experienced marketing specialist with extensive knowledge in this field. I have developed and implemented comprehensive marketing plans for major public events, and written articles for worldwide publications. I like working with people and enjoy group projects, but I’m also a self-starter who doesn't mind working on my own.

在描述自己的能力或技能 ( abilities and skills ) 時,務必結合職位的要求 ( job requirements )。招聘廣告的內容一般都會說明詳細的要求,應徵者應先充分了解,才可突出自己技能和經驗 ( skills and experiences ),以勝任這個職位。請看兩個例子:
•During my two years of experience as a sales executive in ABC Company, I have mastered the ability to prospect, generate business leads, and motivate my team members to reach targets.
•I’m a result oriented professional with proven abilities and job experience providing support solutions to top tier firms with in the financial industry. My background has prepared myself to become a business analyst. I have worked in ABC Company as an analyst for two years, and I’m currently pursuing a part time master degree in finance at ABC College.

•I have learnt about the challenges your I.T. department is facing and my background in developing software for leading companies will add value.
•Finally, I am confident that my knowledge and skills will be beneficial to your department. I’m very much looking forward to join you.
•I’m looking for a rewarding job with the opportunity to employ a wide variety of my skills, utilize my past experience, work in a team environment, and most importantly to contribute myself.

這是第一個推銷自己的黃金機會,緊記要簡潔及到題( be precise and to the point )。回應這個問題時,應著眼於你的個人價值和專業價值( personal and professional values ) 。此外亦要誠實,描述你最好的特質,特別是那些和你所申請的職位有關的,並突出最引以為傲的經驗和成就。要有信心,必須做好準備,反複練習你的答案。

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