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Sheena Wan

Sheena is a Teacher of English at the British Council in Hong Kong. She has over five years of experience in teaching and a diploma in English language teaching.

If you’d like to learn more about dealing effectively with colleagues, clients and customers, join the Professional Business Skills courses at the British Council in Hong Kong. The ‘Interpersonal Communication Skills’ module teaches you some easy-to-use tools and techniques to adapt your communication style, build key relationships and achieve your career goals. For more information, go to

Handling difficult colleagues and customers - Part 2

In Part 1 last week, we looked at useful strategies to help you when dealing with difficult people at work. Here are more tips to better prepare yourself for the next conflict you face at work. ...

Handling difficult colleagues and customers - Part 1

Do you have a colleague that misses every deadline? Had to deal with angry customers with endless complaints? A workmate or manager that criticises your work? We all have to deal with difficult people in our lives, but how do we handle them while remaining professional at work? Here are some tips to help you next time you’re faced with a challenging situation. ...