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Are your employees engaged in their work?

Although many companies realise that an engaged workforce drives profitability and productivity, and has a direct impact on the success of the business, the majority do not have any engagement strategy, plan or survey in place. 

Companies that know how to engage their employees have a competitive advantage, so senior managers should ensure they measure engagement. If levels are low, it’s important to find out what can be done to cultivate engagement in all ranks. 

Creating a positive work environment and showing your staff members that they are valued can increase engagement. 

If your team feels valued, can see there is trust and communication between them and senior management, and are recognised for good work, they will be more likely to put in the extra effort and have a positive attitude. 

Individually, employees who feel emotionally connected to the company are more likely to produce superior work, take on more responsibilities, work faster, think more creatively, feel a sense of ownership, and stay with the company longer. If they take pride in their work, employees will be more enthusiastic. 

Engaged employees not only contribute to the company’s financial performance, but they are more loyal, ethical and accountable than those who are not engaged. 

If there is a lack of engagement in your company, there are many ways to remedy this. One way would be to promote the sharing of ideas and concerns to foster better teamwork. 

Providing sufficient coaching and training to staff is also important as investing in internal or external training can increase employee engagement. 

This article appeared in the Classified Post print edition as Ready, set, engage.