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Be ready when doors open

Published on Thursday, 16 Sep 2010
Illustration: Bay Leung

Career transition can happen in many different ways. It may be something you plan carefully for months, researching opportunities and sharpening your skills with a particular role in mind. But chances to move on or up are just as likely to come out of the blue.

They may start with a phone call from the boss, the HR department, a recruitment agency or even a rival firm looking for new blood. And in those cases there may be only a relatively short time to decide if the job on offer is right for you.

You can take certain steps to make the transition easier.

Firstly, you should be aware of what is expected at the next level in terms of responsibilities. You should then evaluate whether your skills are transferable and consider taking courses to enhance your suitability.

Secondly, you should set realistic goals, taking due note of market conditions and your achievements.

Next, it is important to stay in touch with what is happening in your industry in terms of market news, hiring and salaries. 

Finally, you should never forget to network. Tell a manager about your career ambitions or attend seminars, and use social media.

Article contributed by Lancy Chui, managing director of Manpower Hong Kong, Macau and Vietnam operations

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