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Three quick steps to feeling good

Self-confidence is one of the essentials for a successful career. People who feel good about themselves and their abilities tend to voice their opinions, volunteer for challenging tasks and take risks, all of which helps them get ahead. While noting the need for a degree of humility, you can take the following steps to improve your self-confidence.

Choose a daily affirmation When waking up in the morning, or when you arrive at work, tell yourself: "I'm a great salesperson" or: "I can do anything". You may even decide to start each day by looking in the mirror and telling yourself what's going to be good about what you have planned. A little personal pep talk doesn't hurt. 

Motivate yourself Reward each personal achievement. That might just mean treating yourself to a coffee or a 10-minute break. Stick a photo on your laptop as a reminder of where you will holiday if this year's targets are met.

Get feedback Ask your manager for regular and informal feedback, especially when tackling new jobs or daunting  assignments. This is to confirm you are on the right track and taking every chance to acquire new ideas and skills. Don't wait for the annual appraisal.


Lancy Chui, managing director of Manpower Hong Kong, Macau and Vietnam operations