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A cool head is vital

Published on Friday, 28 Feb 2014
Katharine de Vaal

They say that patience is a virtue. If you're embarking on the hunt for a new job in this market then you would be wise to heed these words.

Although you may have followed all of the rules with regard to your job search including researching the market, utilising your network and preparing for interviews, you may still find yourself at a stage of the hiring process that requires you to sit down and simply wait for developments to unfold. There are any number of factors to blame, including executive schedules, Lunar New Year or even the re-assessment of headcount or the role description itself.

No matter what the reason, this is a very challenging time for candidates. As a recruiter, speaking daily with candidates in the "waiting" period, I hear first-hand the anxiety this silence causes. It's tough to wait for feedback from interviews, wondering what kind of impression you made, what the next steps are and how long the process will actually take. Even if you have made it through all the interviews successfully, there can still be an uncomfortable wait for official offers and contracts.

My advice: patience and perseverance with the process are essential. There is an element of trusting the flow of events and being willing to accept a degree of uncertainty that will help reduce the stress of the situation. If you let the stress and tension get the better of you, it is likely that those involved in the hiring process will notice and this could potentially influence the final hiring decision.

The temptation to force a quick conclusion will most certainly be there, but if you can take a step back and allow the process to unfold naturally, the best opportunities will be within your grasp.

Katharine de Vaal, senior consultant for strategy and transformation – Hong Kong, ConnectedGroup

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