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Get a good payday

Published on Friday, 31 May 2013
Walter Ellicott

Salary is a critical factor in an employee's decision when they move position. It is usually the main component, alongside the job title, that makes up a job offer. Also, especially in Asia, salary is a major deciding factor for many clients when determining whether to even interview someone.

We are asked by most companies to provide a current and expected salary at the first stage of an introduction, so handling the salary part of a job application is probably the main issue a candidate needs guidance on. Be honest about your current salary level. This may sound obvious, but some candidates inflate their current level to achieve a higher potential offer. Many companies ask for salary proof before offering someone a position. Candidates have been tripped up at this stage and received no offer because they were not truthful to start with.

A mistake candidates make when it comes to expected salary is blurting out a number without thinking things through. Most need to know more about the job and benefits before coming up with a number.

One way to avoid this is to ask what type of salary range the company has set. Keep the conversation relaxed and ask: "What kind of salary could someone like me expect?" Your tone should be curious, not demanding. Try to appear flexible and open to negotiation. Don't worry too much, though. The easiest way to get the salary you want is to ensure the interviewer goes away feeling they must hire you almost regardless of the cost. If you give them enough reasons to want you on board, the salary part should take care of itself.

Walter Ellicott, managing director, Ellicott Long

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