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Get hunting early

Published on Friday, 12 Jul 2013
Walter Ellicott

We are sometimes asked when is a good time to start to look for a job. Many jobseekers typically believe that they should apply for positions around certain times such as Lunar New Year. It is true that a lot of firms look at their hiring needs around this time and conduct their annual staff appraisals, but in fact, each industry has its own busy hiring times and cycles.

While companies can follow certain patterns in interviewing and hiring more staff, the thing to remember about a job search is that it can be a very long process - one that should start well before a particular "busy" hiring period. Generally, jobseekers should think about ramping up their search a few months before the traditional busy season.

Candidates should not let the holiday periods slow their search. People often think that summer is a bad time because lots of people are overseas, or that job-hunting during the period between Christmas and Lunar New Year is a waste because people are focused on post-Lunar New Year jobs.

In reality, there are still jobs available during these times and there are probably fewer candidates applying. Many decision-makers may also be in a more relaxed mood as business slows down towards a holiday. They may have more time on their hands and you are not one of many using the traditional time to explore options.

Remember, it can take up to six months from an initial approach to a company to actually moving job, so make sure you're not beholden to particular seasons.

Walter Ellicott, managing director, Ellicott Long Limited, recruiting professionals for the property and construction industries in Asia

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