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Increase Your Value: A Personal Development Guide to Becoming An Asset To Your Company

Published on Thursday, 20 Aug 2015

One of the most rewarding feelings in a workplace is knowing that you are valued as an employee. Unfortunately, becoming a treasured asset is a hard earned title and something you must work toward with a well thought out personal development plan. By improving your worth and making yourself a long-term asset to your company, you make yourself indispensable to your manager and thus, securing your place at work. Use these following professional development tips to help increase your professional value.

Give your company a ROI. Salary, benefits, and bonuses. It is no secret that employees cost a company a significant amount of money. A sure way to keep your position secure is to make your employer’s investment worth it. Benefit the bottom line by working smart and time effectively. Make your skills accessible and do not be afraid to use your resources to the fullest potential. By doing this, you are pushing yourself to continue to be a strong asset. This self-motivation will not go unnoticed by employers.

Really enjoy what you do. If you aren’t excited by your job, chances are that it shows. It is hard to really invest in something you do not like to do. To change your feelings about your employment, restructure your attitude. Find ways in which you can contribute by utilising your creative talents. It may seem counter intuitive, but in order to feel more connected to your position, try investing in it more.

Go in with a positive mindset. This can be a challenge if you are already feeling undervalued by your company. However, presenting a positive outlook can really affect the dynamics of your workplace persona. Projecting the disappointment you feel at work will only attract more negative attention. Stay away from workplace drama and think about what you can do to position yourself in a more positive way.

Value yourself and your time. You can’t expect your company to value you if you do not value yourself first. Create an environment you love outside of your workplace. Happiness is contagious. If you bring that energy into the office, it will be noticed. Another way to value yourself is to respect your time. When going on holiday, leave the work behind. Not only will it help recharge your batteries, but it could demonstrate your value. By not working during vacation, it gives your higher-ups a chance to see what they would miss without you. Give them a chance to feel your void.

Never stop learning. If you do not have a great skill set to contribute to your company’s bottom line, remember that you can always create one. Construct a personal development plan. Map out how you can get ahead of you co-workers by learning something new. Sites like SkillShare and Grammar Academy were made for the forever student. Put some time into increasing the depth of your talents and your value at work will inevitably go up. 

Showcase what you’ve learned. Once you’ve acquired a new skill set, put it on display. Employ your creativity during team meetings to come up with dynamic ways to solve issues. Is there a new territory for which you company can venture? Try to envision new paths for your role or for your teams in the workplace.

Record your progress. While we might wish for a superior or coworker to take notice of all the efforts we have made, the truth is that each individual at your company is focused on their own tasks. In order to really showcase your efforts, record it. Tangible numbers and percentages are easily understood and most tasks can be turned into some form of mathematical representation. Here’s a great formula created by Lazlo Block: “Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z].”

Be a better communicator. Learning how to be an effective communicator is one of the most crucial steps we can take on our way to becoming an asset in the work place. It is a great skill to be able to articulate yourself with ease, but even more important is the art of listening. Get in tune with the tone of your workplace and keep an ear to the ground to discover ways you can bring value to the work lives of those around you. 

Making yourself a longer term asset to your company is a task that rests entirely on your shoulders. Look beyond the value you give solely to your company - a more fulfilled life becomes achievable if you bring value to yourself first. A happy person is an indispensable one so remember to focus on contributing to workplace culture and you’ll find your position secure for a long time to come. 

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