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5 Best Companies For Working Moms in Hong Kong

With the Hong Kong workforce predicted to shrink in the next three years, the country is looking toward working mothers to fill in the gap in labour force. Working mothers bring distinct skill sets to the workplace, such as impeccable time management skills and empathy. Additionally, when these women are supported by their employers, they have a greater sense of loyalty, leading to a low turnover rate in working mothers who are adequately provided for by big companies.

Companies are eager to reap the rewards of employing working mothers in Hong Kong and they offer a number of incredible benefits to keep these women happy. Here are the five best companies for working mothers in Hong Kong: 

1. City University of Hong Kong. CityU, which has a staff that is 57% female, stirred up controversy with a policy change that provided lactation spaces on campus and allowed female staff members two thirty-minute lactation breaks per day. Male employees lamented that breastfeeding women received the same salary for similar work, yet were able to work an hour less. CityU stuck by its mother-friendly policy and the city of Hong Kong introduced a new initiative in the past year to encourage mothers to breastfeed. City University of Hong Kong does its part to help women making this crucial decision by providing them privacy and time to do so.

2. Wyeth Nutrition. Wyeth Nutrition attracts working mothers by providing flexible working hours and utilises a special leave policy for parents. When applied for, the company approves extended maternity and paternity leave of up to 100 days beyond what is legally required. If all the allotted time is taken, mothers can have up to six months of maternity leave to stay at home with their new child.

3. iNGOs. International non-governmental organisations in Hong Kong are following suit. For example, some iNGOs offer working mothers twenty weeks of maternity leave for those who qualify. On top of this benefit, they provide generous health care plans in which employees receive great medical coverage for themselves and their family members at little to no co-pay.

4. American Express International. This year, American Express International received the award for Best Employer Hong Kong for Women and Best Employer Hong Kong 2015 by Aon Hewitt, a health solutions business. American Express International earns this recognition by providing employees with flexible work arrangements, off-site subsidised child care, lactation rooms, and childcare reimbursements during business travel.

5. Ernst & Young.US-based Working Mother magazine listed Ernst & Young among the top ten on their list of best 100 companies for working mothers. To be included in the list, the companies must provide fully paid maternity leave to full time employees: 18 weeks for mothers, 16 weeks for fathers, and 134 weeks for adopting parents. But EY goes above and beyond by providing women with flexibility in their working house or remote work options. Additionally, during slow periods of the year, arrangements can be made for a “career break” of up to one to two months each calendar year. EY explains that they hope by providing women with more working options, employees will be more likely to stay with the company and perform to their best abilities.

Working women are without a doubt highly important in the workforce in Hong Kong. Companies who are not catering to these employees are missing out on potentially fierce and diligent staff members. These five companies are doing what they can to ensure women are provided with the tools they need to succeed in the workplace. Flexible time off and generous maternity leave are a couple benefits worker mothers would like to see at cutting edge companies. Hong Kong is on the forefront of becoming a city who not only values working mothers, but is able to support them, too.