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Keeping in touch: How post-interview communication can be crucial

The quality of your communication with prospective employers post-interview can have a crucial impact on your job prospects.

While most people are careful to construct well-written cover letters and résumés, many do not pay enough attention to further correspondence.

After you have interviewed with an employer, it is important to send an email to thank the interviewer for his or her time – no matter your level of seniority. You can use this opportunity to restate your interest in the job or politely inform the interviewer that the role is not for you.

If you have discovered that you don’t want to proceed with the hiring process any further, then you need to be specific when explaining your reasons. You don’t have to labour the point, but a brief explanation will help you end things on a professional and positive note.

While you may not want to work with the employer or company, you might want to continue your business relationship with the interviewer. This is particularly true if you work in a specialised role or niche sector.

If you are interested in pursuing the role, well-constructed correspondence is even more important.

It is always best to ask about the “next step” in the recruitment process when you are sitting face-to-face with an interviewer, preferably towards the end of the interview. Alternatively, you could send a follow-up email and then phone the employer a week later to find out about the status of your application, and any further steps.

Whether you contact the prospective employer via phone or email, remain neutral and polite in tone. After all, you want to sound positive – not desperate.

This article appeared in the Classified Post print edition as Keeping in touch.