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Never too late to progress with the right skills

Published on Thursday, 21 Jun 2012
Louisa Yeung

I’m in my 40s and currently work for a large corporation in Canada. I have two years’ experience in finance and over 20 years in application development (mainframe COBOL). I have a degree in computer science, and also CGA Level III (probably equivalent to ACCA Level II), but I can’t believe how badly I’m doing in my career. I find that in Canada, it is difficult for Chinese to find a job or advance. If I return to Hong Kong, will I find a job and if so, what kind? I am open to working in finance or accounting. Broken Dream

It is great that you are taking a step back to review your career because in your profession, there are always opportunities to develop and progress.

In Hong Kong, the retirement age is between 60 and 65 years, so there is still time for you to work towards a management or senior level role. Remember, it’s always good to start with a positive attitude, whether you are considering a new job or a career change. This will be key to your success as employers often assess a candidate’s approach to professional development.

For employment in Hong Kong, Iwould suggest that you consider a senior position that combines your existing IT and finance expertise as there is currently a demand for professionals with these skills. Your CGA III qualification is also a benefit and it would be good to continually update your skills and knowledge.

You can conduct your job search through networking with other professionals in the industry, providing your CV to recruitment consultants and keeping an eye out for job advertisements for positions that interest you.

In Hong Kong, employers also prefer employees to have been exposed to the city, as well as the mainland. However, if you do decide to make the move, you will have the opportunity to develop your career, with your age being no barrier, because of the experience and specialist skill set you have. Never too late to progress with the right skills.

Louisa Yeung is managing director of Michael Page International in Hong Kong & Southern China. She leads multiple specialist recruitment teams in finance, HR, property and construction, and executive search



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