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In or out of the office, always do the right thing

Published on Thursday, 15 Sep 2011
Illustration: Bay Leung

When out of the office with colleagues, you should behave just as you do at work. You should present yourself appropriately, have the right sorts of conversations and be mature when later discussing a company event. 

Respectable appearance By presenting yourself well, you show that you are professional outside work. Confirm the dress code for a company event and if you are still unsure, ask a team member for clarification. If alcohol is available, make sure that you know your limits and drink in moderation. This will allow you to mingle comfortably with your colleagues and leave them with a favourable or, at the very least, neutral impression of you. 

Mature conversation It is important to interact with your co-workers in a professional way. You should always be well-mannered and engage in appropriate conversation. For example, you might discuss what projects you or your team are working on. This will help you to be seen as a value-adding mature employee. 

Post-event professional behaviour It is important to consider your colleagues' privacy so be mindful of the way you share images and comments on social networking sites. An alternative is to group e-mail your colleagues to acknowledge general highlights, without mentioning names. This way, you avoid the cringe-factor and safeguard relationships with your co-workers.

Domenica Vitale, communications executive, Michael Page International

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