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Words that can spell trouble at work

Published on Thursday, 05 May 2011
Illustration: Bay Leung

Careless words spoken in the workplace could ruin your career prospects. Here are some examples of foolhardy phrases to avoid, according to Robert Half International, a leading financial recruitment company.  

'You won't believe what I heard about our firm.'

You may be privy to confidential company information - don't spill the beans.

'Tom shared the most interesting story yesterday.'

Nearly every office has its share of gossip, but do not contribute to the rumour mill. for you may damage relationships with colleagues by discussing inappropriate topics.

'I demand a raise!'

Business is picking up and while it's perfectly acceptable to make a case for a raise, avoid taking a confrontational attitude.

'Sometimes, I think nothing is going on inside Sarah's brain.'

Don't make remarks that offend or degrade others, even if you consider them harmless.

Andrew Morris, managing director, Greater China, Robert Half International

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