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Ace your appraisal

Published on Friday, 05 Jul 2013
Walter Ellicott

Some employees feel that the only way they can improve their employment standing is by seeking offers from other companies. They think they may receive a better salary and job title. But doing this too regularly can start to harm your CV and cause future employers to question your stability.

There is a better way to achieve the recognition you think you deserve and that is through the process of regular career reviews.

Most firms have annual appraisals, but sometimes they are not a priority. If this is the case, it is important to push your employer to fix a date, along with an agenda of what will be discussed.

Most people assume that working hard and meeting deadlines will result in a good annual review. With some extra effort, the review can be even more beneficial.

Build a relationship with your boss throughout the year. Try to develop a relationship that allows you to speak openly, where you can seek guidance when necessary and offer advice when appropriate. Align your professional priorities with your boss's and take on extra responsibilities when necessary.

Before your review, write down what you have accomplished in the last year. Remind your boss about your successes, but also highlight areas where you feel you can improve. This ensures that when you review your own achievements, it is done in a way that does not come across as bragging. Remember to be humble and praise your subordinates too.

Make sure you also use the review to set the goals required for the next one to be a success. If you achieve your goals, the review can result in an improved salary and increased responsibility.

Walter Ellicott, managing director, Ellicott Long Limited, recruiting professionals for the property and construction industries in Asia

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