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Be humble as well as helpful

Published on Thursday, 09 Aug 2012
Illustration: Bay Leung

Last week we looked at some of the steps that can help you make a successful transition to a new job, a different working environment and a new team of colleagues. Today we continue to look at how to settle in well at a new company.

Building strong social capital from day one helps you navigate the corporate maze with fewer mis-steps and mishaps. Make sure you get the right balance between moving too fast or too slow. Remember too that in Asia, face is important and that it is wise to be both tactful and mindful in all dealings with colleagues.

Bear in mind the need to exercise humility and do not appear arrogant or boastful. Do not delve into your past glories, for what counts is your present-day success. Yesterday's stories are best kept in abeyance, to be shared in good time.

Try to understand the DNA of your new organisation. If your company assigns you a mentor or adviser during your orientation or probation, this can be helpful in a successful transition.

During your induction, ask questions to clear up any doubts instead of possibly making wrongful assumptions. This will make you a better contributor in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Next week we will look at time management, prioritising your goals and motivating both yourself and your new colleagues.

Christine Sim, general manager for search and recruitment, Links Recruitment Singapore

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