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Set goals at the right time

Last week we looked at the best steps to take in settling in at a new company and building-up relationships of mutual trust with your new colleagues. Today we take a closer look at the issues of time management, prioritising your goals and motivating both yourself and your new colleagues.

Your first three months in a new job carry with them the burden of time pressure, not to mention an intense learning curve. It is probably best to use your journal to establish your work priorities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as well as for better time management.

Be strategic and purposeful in establishing your work goals, as well as in setting a realistic timeline for achieving them.

In motivating your fellow teammates, it is crucial to use "different strokes for different folks". Build up your likability quotient to enable you to establish a bond with your team members as well as with your new boss.

Be seen as an enthusiastic team player to energise your teammates. Remember that although we operate in a hi-tech environment, it is also equally important to have the "high touch" too.

Following these guidelines should enable you to make a smooth transition into your new role and workplace.

Christine Sim, general manager for search and recruitment, Links Recruitment Singapore