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Fit in before you stand out

You have just changed your employer, or even taken on an entirely new role and have to work with a boss, or even a team, that is totally new to you. You might have even relocated to another city, with a different culture and fresh demands - but no support system. The scenario might even be that you are expected to deliver your targets in the first month, with little orientation or guidance. How do you adjust and still make a successful transition?

Here are some coaching tips.

Ensure that the parameters of your engagement is made very clear from day one, to ensure that your boss and yourself are very clear on what is achievable within your first 90 days.

Track your daily activities by using a journal so that you can reflect at the end of each day what you did well and what you could have improved on.

If you are working with a new team, sit down to eat with them. Each team is like a tribe and there are nuances that can make or break your ability to gel with them in a positive and productive manner. Try to fit in before standing out. If you are a natural high achiever, exercise good emotional intelligence in getting to know who is calling the shots. Get into their good books and make them your centre of influence.

Next week, we will look at further steps you can take to make your new job a happy and successful one.

Christine Sim, general manager for search and recruitment, Links Recruitment Singapore