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Guiding your goal-setting

Establishing ambitious, yet attainable, goals is essential for long-term career planning, though it can be difficult to strike a balance between the two. Here are some questions that might help.

First, you have to look at future ideals. Who do you want to become? What character traits would you like to develop? What would you like to accomplish in your life?

Next, you should focus on skills. Which existing skills are you proud of? When have you been commended on your skills at work? Which new skills would you like to learn? How will you learn these skills?

Now consider available resources. Which mentors do you already know who can help you? Who would you like to meet to assist you further?

Workplace factors are also an important consideration. In what sort of environment do you work best? What aspects of your working life do you want to change? What limiting fears do you want to overcome?

Finally, think about money and your personal life. How important is money to you? How much do you want to earn and save a month? What do you want to do in your spare time? How important is a good work-life balance to you?

You should now be able to form some concrete, long-term career goals.

Marc Burrage, regional director, Hays in Hong Kong