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Help to spot foreign talent

Published on Thursday, 26 Jul 2012
Illustration: Bay Leung

Last week, we pointed out how the mobility of talent across the Asia-Pacific region can help ease the shortage of workers with appropriate skills in information technology.

Despite the talent bottlenecks threatening some economic sectors in the region, many organisations still resist the idea of moving their staff across borders. Thankfully, based on our observations, encouraging changes are afoot.

To help organisations improve their multi-national talent management, some specialist firms - including our own company - offer services that are customised and easy to implement.

The most effective solution for employers is for these specialist companies to source, meet, interview and assess candidates in an overseas location through their international office network.

Once suitable candidates are shortlisted, employers can meet and interview groups of screened candidates, or use video conference facilities. This has proved successful both in Asia-Pacific and globally.

When hiring from overseas, it is important to use a recruiter who can assess a candidate's eligibility to work in Hong Kong, and provide information such as rates and salary guidelines, and visa and work permit requirements.

Peter Noblet, senior regional director, Hays Information Technology – Asia Pacific

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