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Are your skills in demand? Are you looking for a new job? If so, there are plenty of strong career-advancement opportunities available right now. From retail interior designers to network security consultants, employers are looking for reliable candidates with a good track record of loyalty with previous employers, solid technical skills and relevant experience.

According to the latest "Hays Quarterly Hotspots" report, which lists jobs in demand, employers in Hong Kong are very positive in their hiring intentions and are looking to attract high-quality candidates by offering performance-based promotions, an improved culture and fewer hours.

One skill in high demand is internal auditing. Professionals with this skill are sought by financial services employers in response to the continued need for more controls and tighter measures.

Resident architects willing to be stationed in China are also being sought, as are retail interior designers, due to the increasing number of shopping-mall projects in both Hong Kong and China. Facades project managers are also being sought in response to new construction technology concerning buildings' curtain walls, which has led to very modern and attractive external-wall designs.

Relationship managers are in high demand in the banking sector. So, too, are credit analysts with between five and 15 years of experience.

Compensation and benefits professionals are also in high demand. This is a very niche HR skill that is growing in importance because as companies expand their workforces, the talent shortage is leading to a very competitive market.

Marc Burrage, regional director of Hays in Hong Kong