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How to find staff who fit in

Published on Friday, 19 Oct 2012
Marc Burrage

This week, we continue to look at strategies companies can use to ensure they employ ethically sound staff.

Job specifications should address ethical expectations. Employers should use this information to draft competencies or targeted selection questions for each point in their job specification and competence criteria.

Behavioural-based interviewing is recommended to determine how a candidate acted in a previous role. This gives an indication of their future performance, and offers deep insights when attempting to uncover their integrity and standards of business conduct.

Pay attention to any red flags during an interview. If a candidate is evasive, tries to control the interview or is argumentative, this provides an insight into their professional conduct.

Make cultural fit as important as technical skills when hiring. This way, you'll recruit those candidates who are the right fit with your way of doing business.

An "employee value proposition" that defines the company's culture and ambitions can be used to ask the right questions to identify those with the right cultural fit for your organisation.

Next week, find out how best to approach references.

Marc Burrage, regional director, Hays in Hong Kong

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